Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

The AABF is committed to campaigning for best practice in financial services through its comprehensive principles which provide a framework for compliance and customer redress

Benefits of Membership to the AABF

There are many advantages to beoming a member of the AABF including: 

  • Representation on key industry, governmental, and other influential bodies
  • Ability to head off potentially damaging legislation 
  • Having your questions and views represented
  • Encouraging professional and social interaction between lenders to develop a unified voice and best practice  
  • Community - Invitation to quarterly meetings with member’s CEOs and SLT
  • Insights - Frequent updates on industry insights and developments
  • Collaboration - Implementation of fraud prevention tools and strategies


The AABF in Action 

A prime example of how we have had an influence was a suggestion from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking to do away with Personal Guarantees (PGs); we nipped this in the bud at an evidence session with Treasury and British Business Bank representatives.

We also secured an hour's briefing session with the report's author, and no reference to PGs appeared.

We also played a crucial part in the successful lobbying during the COVID crisis aimed at The Treasury and the British Business Bank to open access to the various Government support schemes for alternative lenders.


Membership Costs


The membership fee is £1,000 per quarter. The Association has modest fixed costs and will endeavour to align fees with the growth in membership and future commitments.

Don't just take our word for it...

Read the comments from the CEOs of our members, about the benefits they have experienced since joining the AABF.