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The Association seeks to influence public policy to enable the UK-based

alternative finance sector to compete fairly and grow responsibly

Businesses struggling to contact their banks during virus crisis

AABF lead the charge in petitioning the Government to accredit more lenders to the CIBL Scheme

AABF Chairman discusses how alternative finance providers are plugging the funding gap left by the banks

Article from October's edition of CICM magazine

Government must extend loan guarantee scheme to new lenders to save businesses

AABF Chairman John Davies speaks of his letter to Government, Chancellor and Business Secretary

AABF Board members discuss alternative lending at House of Commons

John Davies and Martine Catton attend Genesis Initiative Event

AABF Chairman discusses his thoughts on regulatory standards

Article from

AABF reacts to Treasury Committees concerns regarding FOS

Share's some of the concerns raised by the Treasury Committee

The FP Show launches companion app and unveils event partners

New app features released and event partners named

AABF announces three

new members

Invoice Cycle, Merchant Money and Reward Finance Group join AABF

AABF partner with ARF 2018 Receivables Forum

AABF Chairman John Davies to chair the event in November

Q & A with


John Davies, Chairman, provides background to the launch of the AABF

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New Alternative Lending Association nears launch

New association of direct lending platforms sets founding principles and membership criteria.

Ryan Weeks, AltFi News

Alternative Lending

Education is the Key Issue

AABF meets with All-Party Working Group on Alternative Lending

Making a Start

AABF to set standards of practice

The AABF Chair explains to CCR Magazine the background to and the aims of the new trade body for the alternative-lending sector

Press Release

AABF launches

Seven alternative lenders come together to launch the AABF to promote best standards and responsible lending practices.